11 sites in Madeira compete for the 7 Wonders

11 sites in Madeira compete for the 7 Wonders
The organisers of the ‘Seven Wonders of Portugal’ have announced the 332 villages in the seven Portuguese regions which have been selected for the newest edition of this competition.

Among the 332 Portuguese villages, eleven are located in Madeira Island and are nominated for different categories, namely: Arco de São Jorge, Espigão, Furna and Curral das Freiras are competing in the “Remote Village” category. Madalena do Mar and Porto Moniz are candidates for the “Seaside Village” category. Chão da Ribeira, in Seixal and Ilha, in Santana, have been selected for villages in “Protected Areas” category, while Lombada dos Esmeraldos in Ponta do Sol appears in the “Monument” category. Serra de Água is competing as a “Riverside Village”. Faial is nominated in the “Rural Village” category. Curral das Freiras also has a second nomination for the “Authentic Village” category.
The panel of experts, comprising seven members per region, begins to vote this week and the selection process will continue until the 31st of March.

Seven of the 332 villages will be selected in each of the seven categories, with a total of 49 villages. Pre-finalists will be announced on April 7th

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