"Always Carnival" Madeira

As a way to mark the 2021 Madeira Carnival, the event "Always Carnival - Madeira" will be launched, comprising a set of eleven (11) promotional videos, with an approximate duration of 3 minutes, and also eleven photographs of troupers, in order to promote the 2021 Carnival Festivities.
In view of the cancellation of the usual Carnival street initiatives, a different way was found to show the other side of the traditions and customs associated with the Carnival in Madeira. In this way, multimedia is used to highlight the testimonies of the persons behind the troupes and in the organization of the groups, thus sharing the experiences lived, so as to show what motivates them in maintaining the traditions of the Carnival festivities of Madeira Destination.
This event will be disseminated through different audiovisual channels such as Naminhaterra.com and Madeiralive.tv and also through the Madeira Destination promotional channels and respective social networks, thus reaching the Region, Country and the world, in an invitation to the 2022 edition that is expected to happen in an atmosphere of celebration and tranquility.
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