Carnival Festivities

Carnival Festivities
Since Madeira Carnival step into the streets for the first time in the 80s, this event acquired countless fans among locals and foreigners.

This season is lived intensely by everyone in a festivity full of fun, in such a way that this event is considered one of the main tourist attractions of Madeira, filled with colour and joy.
The theme “Madeira - 600 hundred years of Joy” sets the tone to the creativity of the allegoric groups which, on the 10th of February, participate in the Saturday night's Carnival parade.
This year, eleven groups participate in this great festivity.
In addition to this festive period, the “Trapalhão” Parade will take place on the 13th of February, Carnival day. After both parades, Praça da Autonomia will showcase variety shows.

You can find the detailed programme of the event at:

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