Experience the Columbus Festival in September

Experience the Columbus Festival in September
Filling the city of Vila Baleira and its beach with the spirit of the sixteenth-century, the Columbus Festival pays homage to the time when the Genoese merchant lived on the island of Porto Santo.

The Festival Programme includes a sixteenth-century fair; a re-enactment of the landing of Columbus and his reception by the island’s Captain Donatary; an outdoor banquet; the reconciliation of Columbus with his future father-in-law, Captain Donatary Bartolomeu Perestrelo; attacks on the island by Moorish pirates and Castilian troops; and theatrical performances and constant entertainment from jesters, clowns, buffoons, trampoline gymnasts, street performers, trapeze artists, acrobats and jugglers.
The 16th century market honours the daily life and routines of the period, as rigorous in its historical accuracy as possible, portraying the experience of craftsmen, mule drivers, shop keepers and street hawkers, merchants and sailors, and re-enacting the vicissitudes of war and peace with staged attacks by Pirates along the beach, which this year, takes place between the 14th and 16th of September.


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