"History Tellers” free guided tours

With the Atlantic at its feet, Funchal is a city with 500 years of history and has a rich cultural heritage. Now, it’s possible to discover its secrets and mysteries through guided tours carried out by the Academic Association of Madeira University (AAUMa).
With the aim of promoting the heritage, publicize the culture and appreciate the history of Madeira, the AAUMa carries out guided tours in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Polish and Greek languages through the project "History Tellers – Walk with real stories," divided into two themes: “In the heart of the City" and “From São Tiago to the Market”. Daily, from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., participants leave from the "History Tellers by Gaudeamus" at the Market Warehouse, free of charge and without prior appointment, for 20 minutes, where they are embedded in the narratives of the first Atlantic city outside Europe.
For further information, visit the website of this association  www.historytellers.pt
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