Within the scope of the #madeirasomosnós project, the #madeirasomosnós contest is carried it in Instagram between 21 June and 11.59 P.M. of 28 June 2019, aiming to show the best of each municipality of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM).
Any person residing in the RAM and who is over 12 years old may participate by posting a photograph of their municipality, with a touristic nature and promoting it: a landscape, an activity, a restaurant, hotel, among others. The photographs must include the #madeirasomosnós hashtag and another hashtag with the municipality’s name (e.g. #calheta) and a title. The selection criteria are the aesthetics, the photograph’s originality, the communication efficiency and the number of likes. All photographs with more than ten likes are admitted for the contest. The photographs posted from 1 May 2019 with these requirements are also admitted for the contest. The voting period is carried out in this time interval.
The goal is for each person to show their municipality through their eyes. The prizes are tourism experiences in our region and also promotional kits allusive to the commemorations of the 600 years from the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo.
Regulation of the Instagram Contest “#madeirasomosnós”
1.1 The promoting entity of the contest “#madeirasomosnós” is the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, legal person no. 671000527, with registered office at Avenida Arriaga, no. 18, 9000-519 Funchal, hereinafter referred to as “SRTC” or “Promoter”.
2.1 The “#madeirasomosnós” contest is aimed for all citizens who use Instagram, 12 year old or older, resident in the RAM.
2.2 The Promoter’s employees directly connected to the project cannot participate on the Contest.
3.1 The above-mentioned contest shall take place between 21 June to 11.59 P.M. on 28 June 2019.
4.1 All users who comply with the requirements established in point two of this regulation may participate.
4.2 To participate, the users must post (in a public profile) in their Instagram page, a touristic photograph identifying their municipality, such as a landscape, an activity or a leisure space, restaurant, hotel, café, etc. identifying the latter through the use of the hashtags #madeirasomosnós and #municipality to which it belongs, as indicated on the contest’s communications.
4.3 The posts must be public and contain the hashtags #madeirasomosnós and #municipality and must include a touristic description of the location, landscape or activity illustrated as a title.
4.4 The contestant may participate with several posts, but they may only win once.
4.5 The participations which do not fully meet the Conditions and Requirements established in these Terms and Conditions will not be considered for the Contest’s purposes.
4.6 The Promoter reserves the right to, after observing the existence of any breach of this regulation or any sign of fraudulent participation, disqualify the contestant at stake.
4.7 The participation in this contest for purposes contrary to the Law, which imply a prejudice to third-parties or that, in any way, damage their honour, dignity, image, intimacy, religious beliefs, ideologies or any other legally recognized right is prohibited.
5.1 Within the Contest’s scope, 33 prizes shall be granted: the first, second and third place for each of the eleven municipalities.
5.2 Upon the contest’s termination, the winners shall be announced on a public event which will take place at Praça do Povo in Funchal, at 7 P.M. on 29 June 2019. 
On 2 July, they will also be published on the website:
The winners who are not present at the event must sent a private message to the #madeirasomosnós Instagram, indicating that they are the winners of the contest, in order to receive indications on the prize’s collection.
5.3 The prizes granted to the winners, 3 per Municipality, are:
1st Place – A tourist entertainment experience, on land, sea or air.
2nd Place – A tourist entertainment experience, on land, sea or air.
3rd Place – A promotional kit allusive to the commemorations of the 600 years from the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo.
5.4 To benefit from the prizes, the winner must identify themselves and prove that they posted the photograph and that it was taken by them.
5.5 SRTC may not consider participations which endangers the brand and other (direct and indirect) stakeholders.
6.1 33 participations shall be prized according to the following criteria:
a) Aesthetic/originality
b) Efficient touristic communication
c) Number of likes received.
6.2 All participations shall be considered provided that they receive, at least, 10 likes.
6.3 The 3 posts to be prized for each municipality will be chosen by a jury comprising elements of the consulting team of the project and SRTC.
6.4 The posts must be public so that the promoting entity may located through the search of the established hashtags. The correct operation of the platform’s search algorithm is unrelated to the promoting entity so it cannot be liable for any participation excluded by the privacy settings of the participating user. Once the posts are made in public accounts created in a school context, the winners must justify the ownership of the photographs, which must be corroborated by the colleagues.
6.5 The promoter reserves the right to not choose any winners.
6.6 The promoter reserves the right to not assign the total prices for any reason that does not allow so.
7.1 The participation on this Contest implies the full and unconditional acceptance of this Regulation by the participants and the Promoting Entity’s decisions are deemed as final.
7.2 Only the participations which comply with this Regulation shall be accepted. Any participation through a mean different from the one determined in this Regulation shall not be accepted.
7.3 The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
7.4 The Promoter reserves the right to terminate, alter, shorten, delay or extend this contest at any time and the participants are not entitled to any type of compensation.
8.1 The Promoter is not liable for loss, delayed, incomplete, invalid, misplaced or corrupt participations, which shall not be considered for the purpose of participation in the Contest.
8.2 The promoter is not responsible for incomplete or faulty electronic transfers, as well as for technical failures of any type, including, but not limited to, the malfunction of any network, hardware and software or unavailability of the Instagram service.
9.1 During this Contest’s processing, the personal data of the winners shall be collected and stored, such as the full name, phone number and email address. The personal data collected shall be processed pursuant to the personal data protection legislation, namely the Law no. 67/98, of 26 October, and the law no. 41/2004, of 18 August, and this Contest implies the knowledge and acceptance of the following:
9.1.1 The participants accept that the supply and processing of the data is necessary and mandatory for processing and prize assignment purposes, therefore they authorize its processing by the promoting entity. The data shall be collected and processed by the promoting entity under its exclusive responsibility.
9.1.2 The winner’s name may be announced by the promoting entity online and on the public events derived from the project.
9.1.3 The participants yield all their image rights to the promoting entity so that it may freely use the posts in any context or place, at any moment.
9.2 The promoting entity ensures the safety and confidentiality of the processing, ensuring the possibility of access, correction and cancelling of the data to the participants that want and communicate it in writing to the promoting entity, with the subject #madeirasomosnós. 
Within the scope of the #madeirasomosnós project, in Instagram, the #madeirasomosnós contest was carried out between 21 June and 11.59 P.M. on 28 June 2018, promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture of Madeira, aiming to show the best of each Municipality of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
According to point 5 of the regulation of the above-mentioned contest, the list of the winners is presented below:
To benefit from the prize, the winner must identify themselves through a private message to the #madeirasomosnós Instagram, with their full name and phone number, in order to receive indications on how to collect the prize.
Other information may be obtained through the sending of a message to the following address:
For prize assignment purposes, all winners must comply with the provisions on the Regulation published at in the news area.
Some of the URL above are not available as the photograph’s setting must have been set as private; however, at the moment of the selection, they were available. As such, to benefit from the prize, you must comply with this requirement (put the photograph as public).
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