Jesuits’ College promotes cultural activities

Jesuits’ College promotes cultural activities
The Jesuits College is, by its historical importance, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city of Funchal.
Founded by decree by King D. Sebastião, on the 20th of August 1569, the Jesuits College of Funchal marked the life of the whole island of Madeira over the centuries. 
For over 400 years it had several tenants, from the Jesuits who built the historical set to spread Christian faith, to the English invaders, the military who settled here for over a century, to the present day as Madeira University’s headquarters.
The Students Association of Madeira University, an institution currently integrated in this architectural ensemble, provides information to both locals and visitors of Madeira island regarding this important secular monument, namely through:
 - Autonomous visiting circuit to the exterior of the building, in which is provided a free leaflet in 7 languages (Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin);
- Guided tours and periodic exhibitions;
- Coimbra fado soirees organized punctually and attended by hundreds of spectators.
The Jesuits College also has a book "Historical Memory”, which is the result of several decades of research on the Jesuits College of Funchal through unprecedented access to the Company's Archives in Rome.
If you are visiting Madeira island, don’t miss this magnificent building as well as the adjoining Church, the beautiful College Church!
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