Rerun of TV soap opera “Flor do Mar”

Rerun of TV soap opera “Flor do Mar”
The Portuguese soap opera “Flor do Mar”, which was filmed on the Island of Madeira and broadcasted for the first time between November 17th 2008 and November 8th 2009, is, again, being broadcasted on the Portuguese TV channel TVI.
An original idea by Maria João Mira, written by António Barreira and André Ramalho, the soap opera tells the story of a family that, in the past, had been split due to a war between brothers. The main scenario of the soap opera is the Island of Madeira, and some of the recordings have also been made in Lisbon, Porto Santo, Deserta Grande and South Africa, specifically in Cape Town.
Over the course of the episodes, we get a glimpse of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Madeira, as well as several of its tourist attractions, namely hiking trips and “levada” trips, the island’s water canals. The soap opera also reflects several aspects and elements of the Madeiran culture, such as the typical festivities (“arraiais”), the thatched houses (Santana characteristic houses) and the caped ear beanie.
This soap opera is being rerun during the afternoon on the TVI channel, at 2:45 pm.
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