Journey Throught Madeira Needelpoint Canvas

Journey Throught Madeira Needelpoint Canvas
Madeira needlepoint canvas is, today, an art in extinction. We, Bordal – Madeira Embroidery, decided to present to the public the art pieces we keep and preserve, as well as the history of this art. Above all, we seek to make this cultural heritage known, especially to Madeiran people, because it is part of our history, so that this knowledge does not disappear.
Our mission has been to protect and promote Madeira Embroidery. Today, we extend this mission to the Madeira Needlepoint Canvas, so that this art is not forgotten.
The most significant pieces of this art, as well as their production and history, will be on display in various parts of the island, such as the cable car of Madeira, in a first phase, and later on in some hotels of the region.
After this road show, an historical point will be created in our factory, and the Madeira Needlepoint canvas will be represented along with its Historic Route of the Madeira Embroidery.
We have a collection of thousands of original needlepoint canvas, including models and historical pieces that are part of some of the phases of their manufacture.
Part of the collection pieces will be marketed through our physical stores and in our online store.
Madeira needlepoint canvas began to be produced by embroiders after the appearance of Madeira Embroidery by the end of the last century. This tapestry / needlepoint canvas industry emerged in 1936 under the initiative of the German painter Herbert Kiekeben. From this date on, the embroiderers became skilled in this art of 'painting' with wool and cotton threads on the needlepoint canvases. An original was created for each order. After that, this model would make way to a stage of reproduction into new canvases, in which the so-called 'maticadoras' of the atelier chose and added the wool to the canvases that would be delivered to the wise hands of the embroiderers scattered throughout the island. Then they would use varied points such as "gobleliu", according to the different techniques applied to 'draw' landscapes, portraits, as well as paintings by great painters.
The present Madeira Needlepoint canvas exhibition is divided into two parts. The first area recreates the museum environment and provides a journey through the needlepoint canvases of famous painters. In the second area, it will be shown the 'factory' of this art with its looms, furniture with wool, unique and original pieces with their models and experiments.
Bordal was founded in 1962. Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the famous Madeira Embroidery. We continue to preserve and spread the culture and tradition of Madeira.
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