First edition of the "Madeira Outdoor Summit" project exceeded expectations

First edition of the
More than a dozen regional, national and international speakers took part in the initiative, which took place on 3 October in the Casino's Blue Room. As part of the Nature Festival, the aim was to exchange the experiences and knowledge of speakers related to the activities that can be practiced in Madeira and Porto Santo throughout the year.

The Madeira Outdoor Summit aims to place Madeira at the centre of nature, tourism and leisure sports activities, allowing regional public and private entities, namely associations, clubs, tourism entertainment companies, to contact different individuals and industry experts and also to be an annual meeting point in the calendar of tourism events in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The conception of this conference considered the timing of the nature festival tourist poster, in October, where the main objective of the guests is to transmit and exchange experiences, reflect, discuss, show and explore paths to follow in the case of Madeira, in the area of outdoor activities and tourist entertainment.

The Madeira Outdoor Summit ended with a jeep ride and a local festival.

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