Condor and Easyjet - Extraordinary Flights

Condor and Easyjet - Extraordinary Flights
The airline companies Condor and Easyjet have reprogrammed return flights to various destinations, from Madeira.




Easyjet has programmed rescue flights between Funchal and other destinations, available for sale on the website

Easyjet appeals to passengers whose flghts were cancelled, to rebook these via the easyjet APP or on the company's website at​​:
Flight schedules could undergo alterations, therefore, follow possible updates via the APP or Easyjet website at:
We request your collaboration in conveying this information to your guests, partners and clients:



Condor has ceated a repatriation operation, whereby any German citizen who is abroad at present time, can fill in a form (stating the current location and the required destination in Germany), thereafter, and in contact with the German Federal Foreign Office, the amount of citizens in a specific location will be determined, and a flight will be sent for repatriation.
Follow the link, available only in German language::
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