Visitors very satisfied with our events

Visitors very satisfied with our events
According to the main results of the ´Satisfaction Surveys´,held by the Tourism Observatory (University of Madeira), the main events held in 2019, by the Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, reveal a very high global satisfaction level regarding the Christmas and New Years celebrations and the Flower Festival, followed by the Carnival, the Atlantic Festival, the Wine Festival, the Columbus Festival and the Nature Festival, with a very steep recognition index.
n most events, the main strategic emitting markets stand out, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and France, with 54% of the respondents who were present at the Christmas and New Year’s Festival, having visited the destination for the second or more times. On the other hand, in the overall average, more than half of the respondents visited Madeira for the first time.
It should also be noted that, on average, these tourists earn a monthly income of more than €3,300, stayed in the Region for more than a week and spent between €137 and € 353 per day/person.
For additional information, a summary of the results of the 2019 Satisfaction Survey is provided as follows
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