• L Concerts

    L Concerts

    With the aim of making the most of the summer and enjoying a good open air concert the Hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is promoting "L Concerts - A curated collection of 20 unique concerts”.
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  • 13th Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    13th Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    The municipality of Santana annually promotes the Gastronomy Exhibit, an initiative whose main objective is to contribute to the promotion and appreciation of local cuisine.
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  • Madeira Summer Opening

    Madeira Summer Opening

    The amphitheatre of Santa Catarina Park is the scene of another edition of Madeira Summer Opening, taking place on the 25th and 26th of July.
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  • Madeira Sailing Week

    Madeira Sailing Week

    Madeira Island hosts the second edition of Madeira Sailing Week, a project with a strong environmental component, for the preservation of marine life.
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  • Sea Week

    Sea Week

    The Sea Week is one of the most prominent events of the municipality of Porto Moniz, an initiative that includes various recreational and sports activities, competitions, food and drinks stalls and lots of musi...
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  • Regatta Transquadra

    Regatta Transquadra

    On July 31st, Madeira Islands will host the arrival of the first sailors participating on the Regatta Transquadra, coming from Saint Nazaire, France.

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  • Summer Water Jump | Paul do Mar

    Summer Water Jump | Paul do Mar

    On August 23rd the town of Paul do Mar, in the western municipality of Calheta, will stage the 2014 edition of the “Summer Water Jump” organised by MADproductions in partnership with Freeride Madeira.
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  • Madeira Wine Festival

    Madeira Wine Festival

    The Wine Festival relives the time-honoured traditions of the Madeiran population surrounding the production of this exquisite wine.
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  • Ultra Skymarathon Madeira

    Ultra Skymarathon Madeira

    “Clube Aventura da Madeira”, in partnership with the Portuguese Federation of Camping and Mountaineering, promotes the 1st edition of the Ultra Skymarathon Madeira: the first skyrunning race taking place in Por...
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  • Columbus Festival

    Columbus Festival

    Columbus Festival is an event dedicated to the famous merchant, probably from Genoa, paying tribute to this noble navigator by remembering his stay in the Archipelago of Madeira.
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  • Madeira Nature Festival

    Madeira Nature Festival

    Feel the landscape around you! Dive in it! Take a deep breath!
    Surrender to the charms of an island that exhales energy and inspires emotion and adventure.
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  • Christmas and New Year Celebrations - Madeira Festivities

    Christmas and New Year Celebrations - Madeira Festivities

    The arrival of the decorative lights in the streets of the city centre of Funchal, during the month of December, marks the beginning of the Christmas and New Year festivities.

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  • Carnival festivities

    Carnival festivities

    The Carnival, or Mardi Gras, celebrations in Madeira take place on Saturday with a fabulous parade of floats and remains an essentially folk festival.
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  • Flower Festival

    Flower Festival

    With the arrival of spring, the city of Funchal turns into a inebriating floral stage filled with enchantment.
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  • Festival of St. James the Lesser

    Festival of St. James the Lesser

    On the 1st May every year, the city of Funchal pays homage to its patron saint, São Tiago Menor (St. James the Lesser).
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  • Madeira Island Open

    Madeira Island Open

    The Santo da Serra golf course is the main venue for the Madeira Island Open Gold championship, part of the Main PGA European Tour..
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  • Lemon Festival

    Lemon Festival

    The parish of Ilha, in the district of Santana, serves as a venue for the Lemon Festival. This event came about as a way of paying homage to the main local product - the lemon. It is also a pretext for staging ...
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  • Reids Palace Classic Car Show

    Reids Palace Classic Car Show

    The Reids Palace Hotel will be playing host to the 3rd edition of the Reids Auto Classic Show, an annual event aimed at awarding prizes to the best and most beautiful representative examples of the history of o...
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  • Regional Bands Meeting

    Regional Bands Meeting

    Ribeira Brava municipal council, in partnership with the Madeira Cultural Affairs Department (DRAC) and the Madeira Philharmonic Bands Association, organises this cultural initiative annually - a public recogni...
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  • 18th Onion Festival

    18th Onion Festival

    The Onion Festival is the best known festival in the city of Caniço, in the district of Santa Cruz. Its main attractions are the parade and auction on the theme of this agricultural product.

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  • International Museum Day

    International Museum Day

    This year's International Museum Day, which is celebrated on the 18th of May, features the theme “Museums: Collections create connections”, in an allusion to the relationship that can be created between the vis...
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  • Sé Festivities

    Sé Festivities

    The centre of Funchal takes on a new life at the end of May, with the recreation of traditional Madeiran celebrations lasting one week.
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  • Atlantic Festival

    Atlantic Festival

    The Atlantic Festival, an event that marks the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, will this year integrate a diverse set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, most importantly the pyromusi...
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  • XXXVI Madeira Music FestivalI

    XXXVI Madeira Music FestivalI

    Funchal hosts the 35th edition the Madeira Music Festival, an event that takes place in some of the most prestigious and notable places in the city of Funchal, namely in the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, in ...
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  • Underwater Nature Festival

    Underwater Nature Festival

    The second edition of the "Underwater Nature Festival" is scheduled for the beginning of next month.

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  •  Sixteenth Century Market

    Sixteenth Century Market

    Machico hosts the 9th edition of the 16th-century Market, an event that evokes the historical period of the discovery of the island, which has gained a prominent cultural status .
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  • Madeira Canyoning Meeting

    Madeira Canyoning Meeting

    Madeira Canyoning Meeting is an event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal.
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  • “Popular Parades”

    “Popular Parades”

    During the month of June, festivities are held in honour of the popular saints, beginning with Santo António (Saint Anthony), celebrated with particular enthusiasm in the parish bearing his name.
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  • Cherry Festival

    Cherry Festival

    The rural village of Jardim da Serra, located in the upper part of Câmara de Lobos, hosts the Cherry Festival,a popular event that promotes the local tradition of this parish. This festivity oers a wide range ...
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  • Regional Arts Week

    Regional Arts Week

    During this week Funchal city centre will be more colorful as a result of the"Regional Arts Week".

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  • Feast of St John

    Feast of St John

    The Feast of St. John are one of the largest tourist events on Porto Santo island, whose high point culminates with the parades where various groups, dressed for the occasion, parade down the main streets of th...
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  • Feast of St. John's Altars

    Feast of St. John's Altars

    These popular festivities are strongly rooted in the traditions of Madeira. Funchal’s city centre (Rua da Figueira Preta, Rua da Conceição, Travessa dos Reis and Largo do Carmo) is decorated, creating an envir...
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  • St. Peter Festivities

    St. Peter Festivities

    The municipality of Ribeira Brava, on the west of the Madeira island, organizes the traditional popular parades in tribute to São Pedro (Saint Peter).
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  •  Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

    Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

    This date marks the commemorations of the independence of Madeira, established in the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 and where celebrations in every municipality of the Autonomous Region of Madeira take place.
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  • 15th Funchal Jazz

    15th Funchal Jazz

    This event, organized by the Municipal Council of Funchal, takes place in the gardens of Santa Catarina Park.
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  • Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship

    Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship

    Madeira Islands hosts this well-known event in the panorama of world sport fishing, which takes place simultaneously in various parts of the world.
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  • 60th Agricultural Fair

    60th Agricultural Fair

    The Santa Agricultural Fair, an event which dates back to 1955, seeks to foster the development of the local livestock sector with the presence of many exhibitors of products and materials related to agricultur...
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  • European Cup Combined Events - 1st and 2nd League

    European Cup Combined Events - 1st and 2nd League

    The municipality of Ribeira Brava, located on the West Coast of Madeira, receives the European Cup of Combined Events, an event sponsored by the Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which ...
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  • 30th Regional Folklore Festival - 48 Hours of Dancing

    30th Regional Folklore Festival - 48 Hours of Dancing

    Santana hosts this iconic ethnographic festival, which is a hallmark at both a regional and national level, for fostering and promoting the cultural heritage and the culinary traditions of this emblematic munic...
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  • 15th Atlantic Roots Festival

    15th Atlantic Roots Festival

    The Municipal Garden of Funchal auditorium is the chosen stage of this important culture event, which is already well-known in the Madeiran music scene and one of the oldest of its kind nationally.
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  • 14th Banana Regional Exhibit

    14th Banana Regional Exhibit

    The village of Madalena do Mar, in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, pays tribute to one of its most important and best known products, which is also one of the main regional agricultural productions - the bana...
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  • 11th Regatta of Traditional Madeiran Canoes

    11th Regatta of Traditional Madeiran Canoes

    Funchal bay will be the setting for the 11th edition of the Traditional Madeiran Canoes Regatta (fishing boats), an event organized by Funchal’s Town Hall and the Madeira Regional Canoeing Association, in colla...
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