Road conditions report


According to the Madeira Regional Road Department some of the Regional Roads will be closed/interrupted to the general public by grounds relating to the undergoing maintenance/reconstruction works as follows:


Last update: July,12th 

Regional Roads temporarily closed:

E.R. 103 -Regional road from the crssroad with Fajã da Murta municipal street (Sitio das Cruzinhas) in direction to Faial´s Tea House ( between 09.30 am to 12.30 and from 1.25 pm to 3.10pm.
E.R.218 - Regional road from the crossroad with Manuel Agostinho Pereira de Nóbrega road in direction to the Parque Empresarial de Santana (Santana Business Park) (between 10am to 11.50am and from 12.45 to 4pm 
E.R.219 - Regional road from the crossroad with E.R.211 in direction with Estrada das Moitadinhas between 10am to 11.50 am and from 12.45 am to 4 pm.
Note: These road restraints result from the event "Zoom Igest Rally of Faial 2019" held on 13th of July.
ER 110 - Regional road will be restrained at the whereabouts of Ribeiro João Gonçalves, between the intersection with E.R. 202 (Santo António da Serra / Poiso) and the roundabout connecting  E.R. 207, in Santo António da Serra.
In alternative the following roads are recommend:
- E.R. 206 (Mansa) - VR1 between the village of Gaula (nº 18) and Santa Cruz (nº 21)
- E.R. 207 (Santo Antonio da Serra)
ER 118 -  Ribeira de João Gomes regional road at the access to the motorway, in the junction at Rua D. Ernesto Sena Oliveira and Estrada Luso-Brasileira, near the Pestana Junior tunnel. In alternative, to enter the motorway take directions upwards passing by Rua D. Ernesto Sena de Oliveira or Rua Dr. Pestana Júnior/Rua do Visconde Cacongo, near Boa Nova. To exit the motorway take Estrada Luso Brasileira.

4th Section

ER 216 - Regional road  between Estrada Padre António Dinis Henrique and Rua do Tanque - at the junction with Rua do Tanque - in the access to the motor way at the regional road 229 in Quinta Grande.
ER 222 - Regional road between Ribeira Brava cemetery and Pico da Banda d´Além.
ER 226 - Regional road connecting Ponta do Sol to the ER 222.

Regional Roads temporarily restricted:

Obs. No information available

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