Road conditions report


According to the Madeira Regional Road Department some of the Regional Roads will be closed/interrupted to the general public by grounds relating to the undergoing maintenance/reconstruction works as follows:



Last update: March,13th

Regional Roads temporarily closed:

1st Section

ER 201 - Regional road acess to Caminho dos Pretos between Terreiro da Luta and Curral dos Romeiros

2nd Section

ER 110 - Regional road between the areas of Lombo das Faias, Santo da Serra and Portela
ER 110 –  Regional road near Porto da Cruz new cemetery
ER 110 - In the intersection with the regional road ER 202 ( Santo António da Serra/Poiso) and the roundabout 
with acess to the regional road ER 207, in Santo António da Serra

3rd Section

ER 221 - Regional road between Seixal and Chão da Ribeira 

4th Section

ER 105 - Regional road between Boca da Encumeada and Bica da Cana ( Paúl da Serra)

Regional Roads temporarily restricted:

1st Section

ER 118 –  Regional road acess to the motor way at Ribeira de João Gomes (between Rua D.Ernesto
Sena de Oliveira and the junction at Rua Pestana Júnior - motor way)
ER 201 – Regional road of Caminho dos Pretos between Curral dos Romeiros and 
Palheiro Ferreiro

2nd Section

ER 110 – Regional road between Portela and Porto da Cruz (Serrado)

3rd Section

ER 101 - Regional road with acess between Portas da Vila and Achadas da Cruz (Santa, Porto Moniz)
ER 211 - Regional road with acess Sitio dos Enxurros between Ponta Delgada and Boaventura
ER 220 (former ER 232) -  Regional road acess to Falca 
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