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Go canyoning in Madeira and feel an incredible dose of adrenaline while exploring a stream and overcoming its obstacles using different techniques.

When canyoning in Madeira you will experience an incredible wave of adrenaline.
This activity is an exciting challenge: to explore a stream or a steep watercourse. Vertical and amphibious obstacles are surmounted through various techniques like climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming.

Going down the streams, very abundant in the region, is a way to see undiscovered and untouched parts of the island.
During summer the northern streams are the most appropriate, as the flows are high. During winter, however, we recommend the streams to the south, with gentler levels and quieter flows.

Currently it is possible to practice this sport in different locations that are properly equipped, such as Ribeiro Frio, Ribeira das Cales, Ribeira da Pedra Branca, Ribeira da Hortelã, Ribeira do Passo or Ribeira do Inferno.
The island hosts the annual RIC Madeira, an International Canyoning Rendezvous that is already a reference in this sport.

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