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  • Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum
  • Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum
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Dedicated to the history and culture of Madeira Embroidery, the museum recreates the ambience of the Romantic Period in a Madeiran home.
The IVBAM - Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum is the place dedicated to the history and culture of Madeira embroidery. This museum intends to recreate the romanticism and the atmosphere of a house on Madeira Island, paying tribute to a secular art. It offers visitors a sample of items, true relics, which were produced during the course of around 150 years, attesting to the sophistication, luxury and perfection that have always been the common denominators of this art, which was transformed into an internationally recognised brand.

In addition to eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, Hepplewhite and Sheraton, in the Victorian style of the end of the century, the centre also has a collection of pieces of Madeira embroidery produced between the 1860s and the 1930s. These pieces are displayed in environments that were recreated for this purpose.

It is primarily intended to reference the introduction and importance of embroidery in island life from the 19th century and also to demonstrate the decisive economic influence of this craft industry on the culture and social life of the island from the second half of the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth century.

Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum

Embroidery and Handicrafts Museum
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 12.30pm - 2pm - 5.30pm

Weekends and Public Holidays
Price: Paid
Rua Visconde de Anadia 44, 9050-020
+351 291 211 600
GPS: -16.9030486 / 32.650804
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