• "Music in the Chapels" Concert Series

    April ,21st and 27th

    After a short break, "Music in the Chapels" will bring entertainment to the chapel of São Sebastião located in the municipality of Ponta do Sol.

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  • Regional Bands Meeting

    Regional Bands Meeting


    Ribeira Brava municipal council, in partnership with the Madeira Cultural Department (DRC) and the Madeira Philharmonic Bands Association, organises this cultural initiative annually - a public recognition of regional philharmonic bands.

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  • Festival of St. James the Lesser

    Festival of St. James the Lesser

    May, 1st
    On the 1st May every year, the city of Funchal pays homage to its patron saint, São Tiago Menor (St. James the Lesser).
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  • ‘Fica na Cidade’ Festival

    ‘Fica na Cidade’ Festival

    May,2nd to 14th

    Between the 2nd and 14th may, the Funchal Municipal Council promotes and holds the 2nd edition of the Festival ‘Fica na Cidade’ (‘stay in town’). 

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  • Flower Festival

    Flower Festival

    May 4th to 21st

    Floral species originating in many parts of the world bloom in Madeira, as the island meets specific climatic conditions that allow species from both tropical and cold regions to flourish. 

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  • Madeira Uphill

    Madeira Uphill

    May 7th

    Madeira Uphill 2000 is an athletic event of an international scope, which will be hosted again in the city of Funchal and which consecrates the athletes of many countries, from a more recreational perspective, not forgetting its competitive aspect.

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  • Enduro World Series

    Enduro World Series

    May 13th and 14th

    For the first time ever, Madeira is the host of the 3rd leg of the Enduro Mountain Bike World Series (ENDURO) on the 13th and 14th of May, joining destinations like New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, France, the United States, Canada and Italy, where the remaining 7 stages of this championship will take place.

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  • Madeira Auto Parade

    Madeira Auto Parade


    The Regional Secretariat of Economy, Tourism and Culture and Madeira Tourism Board will  promote the " Madeira Auto Parade" an event that culminates the Flower Festival, held on May, 14th.

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  • Onion Festival

    Onion Festival

    May,19th to 21st

    The Onion Festival is the best known festival in the city of Caniço, in the district of Santa Cruz. Its main attractions are the parade and auction on the theme of this agricultural product.

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