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The Flower Festival is a cultural event associated the local traditions, whether through the performances of folk groups, or through the construction of the beautiful floral carpets, an event filled with lots of entertainment activities, such as music concerts and variety shows, to be held from October,1st to 24th.

"Wall of Hope" - October, 2nd
On Saturday morning fulfilling a tradition which goes back to 1979, this year´s edition presents a group of children escorted by their parents, who will place a flower on a beautiful mural called “Wall of Hope”, in a symbolic calling to global Peace.
Allegoric Parade - October,3rd
On Sunday afternoon, the streets of downtown Funchal are once again filled with music, color and soft perfumes with the sumptuous parade of floats that harmoniously combine multiple floral species with decorations full of creativity.
The Allegorical Flower Parade, is one of the main highlights of this event, taking place since 1979. This parade is highliighted by the magnificence and sumptuousness of ts floats intricaly decorated with magnificent flowers, and the lovely costumes woren by the hundreds of participants, mostly children parading to the sound of cheerful musical themes and performing choreographies either simple or elaborated.
Other activities integrated in this event:

Flower and Regional Flavours Market 
The flower market allows the public to get to know the countless floral and decorative species that exist in Madeira. Here, locals and visitors can buy flowers in a picturesque and traditional environment. Besides the flowers, the regional flavours will be present through the local gastronomy and typical drinks.
Flower Exhibition  
The Flower Exhibition takes place in the city centre of Funchal, more specifically at Praça da Restauração. It is a continuation of the exhibition that took place at the Commercial Ateneo of Funchal, which began in the fifties of the last century. The most beautiful specimens of the most varied types of flowers produced throughout Madeira can be appreciated and evaluated, developed with all the affection and dedication of their growers. The flowers on display are evaluated in their various categories and distinguished by a specialized jury.
Floral Carpets and Decorations - Av. Arriaga central walkways
The profusion of Madeira's flora has greatly contributed to the establishment of this artistic expression. This tradition of building floral carpets proliferates throughout the island and originated in the decoration of religious processions.
Thanks to their unquestionable beauty and detail, for some years now, flower carpets have been on display in the streets on the occasion of the Flower Festival.

Flower Concerts - October, 14th to17th
Integrated in the Flower Festival programme four concerts are held in emblematic venues of the island of Madeira with the purpose of decentralizing the festivities and strengthening the entertainment offer.
These concerts take place in an environment with a unique atmosphere, where the public - tourists and residents - can enjoy high quality musical moments in a setting of unique beauty, surrounded by the diversity of Madeira's flora.
Madeira Flower Collection - Venue: Quinta Magnólia - October,16th and 17th
This event aims to promote the regional fashion sector, engaging a wide number of creators inspired by the flowers, therefore bestowing a touch of contemporaneity and “glamour” to one of the greatest tourist attractions of Madeira, in an unique touristic entertainment moment.
This event presents original fashion creations by various local designers. 
Floral Installations - October, 21st and 24th
The diversity of Madeiran flora contributed, in a great way, to the establishment of these artistic manifestations, which combine the beauty of flowers with the characteristic elements of Madeiran tradition and culture. The floral sculptures are a great contribution to the magnificence of city decorations, whose careful construction is shared and admired by our visitors. These wonderful facilities will be displayed on Avenida Sá Carneiro, at the entrance to the Cais do Funchal and next to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira on the last weekend of the Flower Festival.
For tickets, please contact these associations hereunder:
• Associação de Animação Geringonça
Ph. +351  967 403 162
• Retoiça – Associação Cultural, Desportiva e Recreativa
Ph. : +351  966 136 398
• Associação de Batucada da Madeira
Ph. : +351  965 077 816

Note Tickets can be purchased at Avenida Arriaga Tourist Office, on the following days, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th of September and 1st of October, between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.
On 2nd October tickets will be available for purchase between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm.
On 3rd October tickets will be available for purchase between 9:00 and 12:00.

Flower Festival

Flower Festival
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