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The “Discover Madeira - Tourism at School” project has been developed by the Regional Secretariat for the Economy, Tourism and Culture, aimed at primary schools of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
The initiative aims to educate students about tourism through fun experiences and activities and, by enhancing creativity, contribute to the improved education of our younger generations from an early age.
Departing from an understanding of Tourism as a leisure activity, the project aims to bring together theory and practice, progressively involving students and their families over several years in various fun educational activities that, based on the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the archipelago, focus attention on the socio-economic importance of tourism to the Region and on the necessary coexistence with different cultures from our own in a territory that always was and always will be a point of arrival and departure to a wider world.
By better understanding their land and its customs, history and traditions, each young person takes on a role in the region’s history, making this knowledge useful in the future, both individually and collectively.
This project includes a set of materials specifically created for students as an incentive to learning. These include the Tourism at School Passport, in which all the activities in which students participate will be registered, no doubt leading to many great surprises and a lot of fun.
More than merely transmitting knowledge, this initiative aims to make every student feel part of a tourist destination that has enjoyed more than 200 years of history. By playing the role of both tourist and host, each young person will have the opportunity to experience, feel, understand and discover tourism in the first person, perhaps finding, through all this discovery, a future vocation.

Tourism at School

Tourism at School
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