• Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo islands - 600th anniversary

    Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo islands - 600th anniversary

    The Oficial Program of the Celebrations of the 600 Years of the Discovery of MAdeira and Porto Santo is presented to the public today in Porto Santo.

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  • Regional Circuit of Traditional Canoes

    Regional Circuit of Traditional Canoes

    July, 14th, 21st and 28th
    The Regional Canoeing Association continues the Regional Circuit of Traditional Canoes from the second fortnight of July.
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  • L Concerts

    L Concerts

    July, 17th,24th and 31st; August, 14th,21st and 28th;September, ​4th,14th and 28th

    The Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, in collaboration with Madeira Tourism Board, the company “Urbanistas” and the Madeira Music Conservatoire, hosts another edition of “L Concerts".

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  • Tour to the Madeira Island

    Tour to the Madeira Island

    July, 19th to 21st
    Organized under the aegis of the Madeira Sports Club, the Portuguese Federation of Automobile and Karting - FPAK, the International Automobile Federation - FIA and with the support of the Classic Automobile Club of Madeira, this sporting event commemorates its "60 Years", an initiative that aims to recreate the 1st Tour of Madeira, in motorsport, which was followed by the ...
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  • Summer Opening Festival

    Summer Opening Festival

    July 19th to 21st

    Santa Catarina Park hosts the seventh edition of the Summer Opening Festival.

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  • Limpet Festival

    Limpet Festival

    July, 19th to 21st
    From July, 19th to 21st the Casa do Povo of Paul do Mar annually promotes this important popular event, that intends to promote the cultural heritage of this parish located in the municipality of Calheta.
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  • Banana Regional Exhibit

    Banana Regional Exhibit

    July, 19th to 21st

    Between July, 19th to 21st the village of Madalena do Mar, in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, pays tribute to one of its most important and best known products, which is also one of the main regional agricultural productions - the banana of Madeira.

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  • Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    July,19th to 26th

    The municipality of Santana annually promotes the Gastronomy Exhibit, an initiative whose main objective is to contribute to the promotion and appreciation of local cuisine.

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  • Sea Week

    Sea Week

    July 22nd to 28th
    This is one of the most outstanding events in the calendar of events of the northern municipality of Porto Moniz, held every year in July. 
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