The Marine Extinction Museum

The Marine Extinction Museum
The Marine Extinction Museum is the new museum in virtual format, designed by the architect Ricardo Bak Gordon, developed within the scope of the BiodivAMP scientific project.
This project aims to develop tools for monitoring and protecting the biodiversity of the six protected marine areas along the Portuguese coast namely, the North Coast, Berlengas, Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park (Parque Natural da Arrábida), Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Marine Park, Garajau Partial Nature Reserve (Madeira) and the Faial - Pico Channel / Faial Sector Protected Area for Resource Management (Azores).
In the specific case of Madeira, it is possible to get to know the species that inhabit the Garajau Partial Nature Reserve, such as: the Grouper, the Common Tern, and the Monk Seal (locally known as the Sea Wolf).
This digital museum intends to alert to the urgent need to protect the natural wealth of the protected marine areas in Portugal and all the biodiversity that inhabits them, thus preventing marine species from only being seen in museums.
To obtain more information about this project, the user will have to access the official website via smartphone, where technical information on the marine ecosystems of the six national protected marine areas (AMP) is available at:
You can also access the project platform through the QR code shown in the image below: 
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