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  • Discover our Events

    Discover our Events

    Our archipelago is known for its breathtaking landscapes and its absolutely stunning natural heritage, but Madeira also offers an extremely diverse calendar of events throughout the year, which will certainly make your experience even more enriching and authentic, either for its traditions or for its cultural variety.
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  • Panelo Feast

    Panelo Feast

    January, 29th and 30th

    This is a famous and old Madeira tradition, held on the last weekend of january (29th and 30th) , enjoyed with a special feeling by the local residents of Seixal, a small village located near Porto Moniz.

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  • Always Carnival - Madeira

    Always Carnival - Madeira

    As a way to mark the 2021 Madeira Carnival, the event "Always Carnival - Madeira" was launched, comprising a set of eleven (11) promotional videos, with an approximate duration of 3 minutes, and also eleven photographs of troupers, in order to promote the 2021 Carnival Festivities.

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  • Compadres Feast

    Compadres Feast


    The ‘Festa dos Compadres’ marks the opening of the Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition going back to more than 50 years, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santana.

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  • Carnival



    Madeira Carnival festivities offer a variety of activities you can choose from, with the option to enjoy them as a simple spectator or as an active participant.

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  • Regional Custard Apple Exhibition

    Regional Custard Apple Exhibition

    March, 19th to 20th

    The Casa do Povo of  Faial and the Farmers Association promotes between March 19th to 20th, the annual Regional Custard Apple Exhibition (Exposição Regional da Anona), in partnership with the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Municipal Council of Santana.

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  • Lemon Festival

    Lemon Festival

    April, 1st to 3rd

    The parish of Ilha, in the municipality of Santana hosts between April, 1st to 3rd another edition of the Lemon Festival.

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  • Regional Sugarcane fair

    Regional Sugarcane fair

    April, 9th and 10th

    The regional sugarcane production show takes place in the parish of Canhas, at Ponta do Sol municipality between April, 9th and 10th.

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    April, 28th to May,1st
    Praça do Povo, its the annual setting of the Subtropical Fruit and Flavors Exhibition - EXPOTROPICAL, an event organized by the Casa do Povo de Santa Maria Maior, in partnership with the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development through the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development, to be held between April 21st to 25th,
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