Road conditions report


According to the Madeira Regional Road Department some of the Regional Roads will be closed/interrupted to the general public by grounds relating to the undergoing maintenance/reconstruction works as follows:


Last update: January, 4th

Regional Roads temporarily closed resulting from adverse weather conditions:                                           

3rd Section

ER 211 - Regional road at Sítio dos Lagares - Ponta Delgada

Regional Roads temporarily restricted resulting from adverse weather conditions: 

3rd Section

ER 211 –Regional road between Sítio do Paço da Areia and Sítio das Quebradas
ER 211 – Regional road between Lombadinha and Boaventura
ER 211 – Regional road between the downtown area of Ponta Delgada and Sítio das Pingas
ER 211 - Regional road between the Redondo viewpoint and the Sitio dos Lagares - Ponta Delgada
ER 211 – Regional road between the junction at Rua do Açougue with the Lombadas road and the junction of Lombadas (traffic closed for heavy vehicles for a period of 2 months).

Regional Roads temporarily closed resulting from maintenance works or other reasons:   

Pico da Torre Street - Câmara de Lobos - Car traffic will be interrupted for a period of 30 days, starting on December 26th.

2nd Section

ER 103 – Between the junction at the regional road (ER103) with Caminho da Fajã da Murta and the junction at the refional road (ER103) with the Travessa do Lombo de Cima
( for an estimated period of 11 months).

4th Section

ER 209 - Regional road in the section between the regional road 222 and the Levada do Poiso (Water Clock building), between January 3 and March 31, 2022.
ER 222 - Regional road between Ribeira Brava (cemetery) and Pico da Banda d'Além
ER 223 - Regional road  between Estreito da Calheta (junction with Caminho da Ribeira Funda) and Jardim do Mar - Closed between 8.30 am and 6 pm
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