• Discover our Events

    Discover our Events

    Our archipelago is known for its breathtaking landscapes and its absolutely stunning natural heritage, but Madeira also offers an extremely diverse calendar of events throughout the year, which will certainly m...
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  • Panelo Feast

    Panelo Feast

    January, 29th and 30th

    This is a famous and old Madeira tradition, held on the last weekend of january (29th and 30th) , enjoyed with a special feeling by the local residents of Seixal, a small village located near Porto Moniz.

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  • Always Carnival - Madeira

    Always Carnival - Madeira

    As a way to mark the 2021 Madeira Carnival, the event "Always Carnival - Madeira" was launched, comprising a set of eleven (11) promotional videos, with an approximate duration of 3 minutes, and also eleven pho...
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  • Compadres Feast

    Compadres Feast


    The ‘Festa dos Compadres’ marks the opening of the Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition going back to more than 50 years, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santana.

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  • Carnival



    Madeira Carnival festivities offer a variety of activities you can choose from, with the option to enjoy them as a simple spectator or as an active participant.

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  • Regional Custard Apple Exhibition

    Regional Custard Apple Exhibition

    March, 19th to 20th
    The Casa do Povo of  Faial and the Farmers Association promotes between March 19th to 20th, the annual Regional Custard Apple Exhibition (Exposição Regional da Anona), in partnership with the Regional Secretari...
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  • Lemon Festival

    Lemon Festival

    April, 1st to 3rd

    The parish of Ilha, in the municipality of Santana hosts between April, 1st to 3rd another edition of the Lemon Festival.

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  • Regional Sugarcane fair

    Regional Sugarcane fair

    April, 9th and 10th

    The regional sugarcane production show takes place in the parish of Canhas, at Ponta do Sol municipality between April, 9th and 10th.

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    April, 28th to May,1st
    Praça do Povo, its the annual setting of the Subtropical Fruit and Flavors Exhibition - EXPOTROPICAL, an event organized by the Casa do Povo de Santa Maria Maior, in partnership with the Regional Secretariat of...
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  • MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail

    MIUT - Madeira Island Ultra Trail

    23rd April
    The Clube de Montanha do Funchal annually promotes the MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) a mountain race that offers its participants with a unique experience crossing the island’s highest peaks/mountains, a sp...
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  • ‘Fica na Cidade’ Festival

    ‘Fica na Cidade’ Festival

    The Municipality of Funchal annually hosts the music Festival ‘Fica na Cidade’ (‘stay in town’), .
    The 2021 edition was an online format, featuring a new dynamic and a new program.

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  • Madeira Surfski LifeSaving

    Madeira Surfski LifeSaving

    The Madeira Regional Canoeing Association, in collaboration with the Portuguese Canoeing Federation organizes the Madeira Surfski LifeSaving.
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  • Festival of St. James the Lesser

    Festival of St. James the Lesser

    May, 1st

    On the 1st May the city of Funchal pays homage to its patron saint, São Tiago Menor (St. James the Lesser).

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  • Flower Festival

    Flower Festival

    May,5th to 29th
    The Flower Festival is a cultural event associated the local traditions, whether through the performances of folk groups, or through the construction of the beautiful floral carpets, an event filled with lots o...
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  • International Museum Day

    International Museum Day


    The 2022 edition of the International Museum Day commemorated on the 18th of May featured the theme “Museums as cultural hubs, The future of tradition”.

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  • Maktub Soundsgood

    Maktub Soundsgood

    This reggae music festival is held in Paúl do Mar, thus signaling the beginning of summer in this viilage.

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  • Onion Festival

    Onion Festival

    May,20th to 22nd

    The onion festival is one of the most emblematic festivities of Caniço, whose main attraction is the onion parade, involving several decorated floats and an auction, an event to held from May,20th to 22nd

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  • "Music in the Chapels" Concert Series

    With the objective of promoting the chapel of São Sebastião located in Vila da Ponta do Sol, an organization of the Associação Retoiça, the event “Música nas Capelas” takes place between the months of October a...
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  • Porto Santo Nature Trail

    Porto Santo Nature Trail

    May, 21st and 22nd

    The Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira hosts between May, 21st to 22nd, another edition of the Porto Santo Nature Trail a competion held annually in Porto Santo island.

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  • Trout Festival/Cider Route

    Trout Festival/Cider Route

    May,24th to 29th
    The municipality of Santana hosts another edition of the Trout Festival/Cider Route, an event which coincides with the Meeting of Cultural Groups in the municipality of Santana, an event held between May, 24th ...
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  • Ultra Skyrunning Madeira

    Ultra Skyrunning Madeira

    May, 27th to 28th

    With the picturesque city of Santana as backdrop, is the centerstage of yet another edition of the Ultra Skyrunning Madeira, a sports event to be held between May, 27th to 28th.

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  • Trans Madeira

    Trans Madeira

    31st May to 4th June and 20th to 24th September
    Trans Madeira is an enduro mountain bike race that stared back in 2018 and explores all four corners of Madeira. More than 200 kilometres of riding, 30 special stages and 140 racers per edition.
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  • Sixteenth Century Market

    Sixteenth Century Market

    June, 3rd to 5th

    Machico hosts between June 3rd to 5th, the 16th-century Market", an event that evokes the historical period of the discovery of the island, which has gained a prominent cultural status.

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  • Chapels under the Moonlight

    Chapels under the Moonlight

    The Regional Directorate for Culture is the responsible entity for an unprecedented project, based on the idea of accessibility to our heritage, making it available to the general public.

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  • "Aqui Acolá" Festival

    The historical core of the Ponta do Sol municipality will host the 6th edition of the Festival “Aqui Acolá”, a cultural initiative that aims to heighten the cultural landscape and the economy of this emblematic...
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  • The Stars Route

    The Stars Route

    Created in 2010, “The Stars Route” is identified as one of the most important high quality gastronomic festivals, in Portugal, involving, since that date, more than half a hundred national and foreign chefs awa...
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  • Regional Bands Meeting

    Regional Bands Meeting

    The Madeira Cultural Department (DRC) organises this cultural initiative annually - a public recognition of regional philharmonic bands.

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  • Atlantic Festival

    Atlantic Festival

    4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of June

    The Madeira Atlantic Festival sets the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, and is one of the most recent tourist entertainment events, to be held on June, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.

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  • Cherry Festival

    Cherry Festival

    June,10th to 12th
    The village of Jardim da Serra, located in the upper areas of Câmara de Lobos, hosts the Cherry Festival, a popular event that promotes the local tradition of this parish, an event that takes place between June...
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  • Madeira Canyoning Meeting

    Madeira Canyoning Meeting

    June, 6th to 11th

    Madeira Canyoning Meeting is an event organized by the Sailing Club of Seixal and the Mountain Camping Federation of Portugal, a sport event to be held June,6th to 11th.

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  • Biosphere Roller Skater

    Biosphere Roller Skater

    The “Biosphere Roller Skater” is an International Speed Skating Tournament held in Faial, Santana, at the 200 metres race track situated at Ribeira do Faial.

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  • Global Wellness Day - Madeira

    Global Wellness Day - Madeira

    Watch below the films that represented Portugal in the Livestream 2020, both filmed on the island of Madeira. Madeira partakes in the celebrations of the “Global Wellness Day” movement, an event which will feat...
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  •  School Sports Festival

    School Sports Festival

    The Regional Secretariat of Education, in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education, promotes another edition of the School Sports Festival.

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  • Gastronomic Festival

    Gastronomic Festival "Garden of Flavours"

    The Frente Mar Funchal company partnership with the São Martinho Parish Council and the Funchal Municipal Council, the Panoramic Gardens, located in Estrada Monumental, hosted the 6th edition of the Cooking Fes...
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  • II Festival Internacional Yoga na Madeira

    II Festival Internacional Yoga na Madeira

    O Festival de Yoga da Madeira reúne, anualmente, um grupo seleto de especialistas da área, iniciativa que comtempla um conjunto de atividades, técnicas e diferentes métodos de Yoga, incluindo Ashtanga, Sattya, ...
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  • “Popular Parades”

    “Popular Parades”

    June,12th, 13th and 23rd
    During the month of June, and in particular between June, 12th,13th and 23rd, several festivities are held in tribute to several the popular saints, starting with the celebration in honour of Santo António (Sai...
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  • "Sopas do Campo” fair

    June, 18th and 19th
    The Casa do Povo of Boaventura promotes from June 18th to 19th, the “Sopas do Campo” fair  in collaboration with the Regional Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, through the Regional Directorate o...
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  • Feast of St John | Porto Santo

    Feast of St John | Porto Santo

    June,23rd and 24th
    The Feast of St. John are one of the largest tourist events on Porto Santo island, an event integrated in the celebrations of the municipality of Porto Santo held on June 23rd and 24th.
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  • St. Peter Festivities

    St. Peter Festivities

    28th and 29th June

    The municipality of Ribeira Brava, located to the west of Madeira Island, hosts the popular saints’ marches in honour of Saint Peter, an event held from 28th to 29th June.

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  • Regional Arts Week

    Regional Arts Week

    For the past three decades the Regional Government of Madeira, the Regional Secretariat for Education/Regional Directorate for Education, through the Directorate for Artistic Education and Multimedia Services, ...
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  • S. Pedro Festivities  | Câmara de Lobos

    S. Pedro Festivities | Câmara de Lobos

    June, 28th to 30th

    The municipality of Câmara de Lobos promotes between the traditional popular marches in honor of San Pedro, a popular celebration that integrates several groups and participants, held from June, 28th to 30th.

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  • Festival Aleste

    Festival Aleste

    Aleste Festival is one of the latest cultural events dedicated specially to music, a musical festival commitment to improve the diversity and the quality of music concerts in Madeira Island.

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  •  Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

    Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira


    This date marks the commemorations of the independence of Madeira, established in the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 and where celebrations in every municipality of the Autonomous Region of Madeira take place.

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  • 37th Regional Folklore Festival - 24 Hours of Dancing

    37th Regional Folklore Festival - 24 Hours of Dancing

    July,1st to 3rd
    The municipality of Santana hosts from July 1st to 3rd, this iconic ethnographic festival, which is a hallmark at both a regional and national level, for fostering and promoting the cultural heritage and the cu...
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  • Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship

    Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship


    Madeira Islands hosts this well-known event in the panorama of world sport fishing, which takes place simultaneously in various parts of the world, held July,4th.

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  • Madeira Uphill

    Madeira Uphill

    Madeira Uphill is an athletic event of international scope, which consegrates athletes of many countries, in a more recreational perspective, not forgetting its competitive aspect.

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  • 65th Edition - Agricultural Fair

    65th Edition - Agricultural Fair

    July,8th to 10th
    The Santa Agricultural Fair, an event which dates back to 1955, seeks to foster the development of the local livestock sector with the presence of many exhibitors of products and materials related to agricultur...
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  • Expomadeira


    July,8th to 17th
    Expomadeira is the largest business exhibition of economic activities in Madeira, an exhibition that has the participation of about 100 companies from the most varied sectors of activity of the Autonomous Regio...
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  • Limpet Festival

    Limpet Festival

    July,15th to 17th
    Casa do Povo of Paul do Mar promotes from July, 15th and 17th this important popular event, that intends to promote the cultural heritage of this parish located in the municipality of Calheta, an event that tak...
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  • Banana Regional Exhibit

    Banana Regional Exhibit

    July,15th to 17th
    The village of Madalena do Mar, in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, pays tribute to one of its most important and best known products, which is also one of the main regional agricultural productions - the bana...
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  • Summer Opening Festival

    Summer Opening Festival

    July,15th,16th, 22nd and 23rd 2022

    Puppetry Productions informs that, due to the conjuncture resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak, the Summer Opening Festival organization decided to postpone this event for July,15th,16th, 22nd and 23rd 2022

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  • Wheat and Scad Show

    Wheat and Scad Show

    July,22nd to 24th
    The Casa do Povo of the Quinta Grande promotes from July,22nd to 24th, another edition of the Wheat and Scad Show, a dynamic event with the purpose of promoting the regional gastronomic heritage and encourage t...
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  • Regatta of Traditional Madeiran Canoes

    Regatta of Traditional Madeiran Canoes

    Funchal´s hosts another edition of the Traditional Madeiran Canoes Regatta (fishing boats), an event organized by Funchal’s Town Hall and the Madeira Regional Canoeing Association, in collaboration with the Mad...
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  • Madeira Base jJump

    Madeira Base jJump

    The Porto da Cruz Sports Association, in partnership with the City Council of Machico and the local Parish Council, under the technical responsibility of JP de Kam (cinema double) and Pedro Bloker, responsible ...
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  • Tuna Festival

    Tuna Festival

    This event aims to present the countless ways to cook tuna in the several countries invited, an initiative which shall culminate in a gala dinner in which the Madeiran table wines and Wines will be displayed.
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  • XII Madeira Orienteering Meeting

    XII Madeira Orienteering Meeting

    The Madeira Adventure Club annually organizes the Madeira Orienteering Meeting (MOM).


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  • Madeira Bike Tour

    Madeira Bike Tour

    The Madeira Cycling Association hosts the 47th edition of the Madeira Bike Tour, a race integrated both in the junior and amateur cycling categories.

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  • "Classics at Magnolia"

    July, 30th and 31st

    The "Classics at Magnolia / Clássicos na Magnólia" is held annually at Quinta Magnólia's garden, an event to be held on July,30th and 31st.

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  • Harvey Foster New Road

    Harvey Foster New Road

    The Madeira Classic Car Club will promote the 8th edition of the "Harvey Foster Classic New Road" race, an event organized in honour of Mr. Harvey Foster, who brought the first car to Madeira, in 1904.

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  • The

    The "O Gigante", an original work by Jorge Salgueiro, is an artistic order within the 600 years of the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo and will meet at the premiere, on June 21, at 9.30 pm, at the Marítimo Stadium, near of six hundred musicians of 21

    June 21st
    The "O Gigante", an original work by Jorge Salgueiro, is an artistic order within the 600 years of the Discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo and will meet at the premiere, on June 21st, at 9.30 pm, at the Maríti...
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  • Sea Week

    Sea Week

    This is one of the most outstanding events in the calendar of events of the northern municipality of Porto Moniz.
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  • Nossa Senhora da Saúde Festivity | Lameiros

    Nossa Senhora da Saúde Festivity | Lameiros

    August,1st and 2nd

    The “Nossa Senhora da Saúde” festivity, is annually held in Lameiros, São Vicente. Commonly designated by locals as the "Arraial dos Lameiros", a religious festivity to be held from August, 1st to 2nd. 

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  • Art Camacha

    Art Camacha

    August,,11h to 16th

    Organized by the Casa do Povo da Camacha, the Camacha Art Festival is dedicated to the cultural traditions of this parish, an event to be held from August,11th to 16th.

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  • Madeira Wine Rally

    Madeira Wine Rally

    The “Madeira Wine Rally”, is the largest racing event in the Region.

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  • National and International Folklore Festival

    National and International Folklore Festival

    The village of Ponta do Sol annually welcomes this festival, an initiative promoted by the Ponta do Sol Folklore Group, in collaboration with the local Municipal Council.

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  •  Machico Gastronomic Fair

    Machico Gastronomic Fair

    Promoted by the Municipality of Machico this event has as main objective promoting the regional cuisine, in particular the delicacies of this municipality located in the eastern part of the island, an event, wh...
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  • SANTAcurtas


    The Casa da Cultura de Santa Cruz - Quinta do Revoredo anually promotes an outdoor film festival under the theme"SantaCurtas".

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  • National Juniors Absolute Championship

    National Juniors Absolute Championship

    Madeira hosts in the month of August, the "OPEN DE PORTUGAL - CIMAI / MYRTHA", the National Juniors Absolute Championship, a sports event organised by the Portuguese Swimming Federation in collaboration with th...
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  • Rali Madeira Legend

    Rali Madeira Legend

    The Club Sports Madeira, in partnership with Clube de Automóveis Clássicos da Madeira and X Racing promote the Madeira Legend Rally.
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  • L Concerts

    L Concerts

    The Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, in collaboration with Madeira Tourism Board, the company “Urbanistas” and the Madeira Music Conservatoire, hosts another edition of “L Concerts".

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  • 17th European Folklore Week

    17th European Folklore Week

    Organized by the Folklore and Ethnographic group of Boa Nova, this cultural initiative aims to disseminate the rich cultural heritage of Madeira by presenting its ethnography and folklore in an intercultural ga...
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  • Madeira Beer Festival

    Madeira Beer Festival


    The Promenade dos Reis Magos, at Caniço de Baixo, hosted the second edition of the popular Madeira Beer Festival.

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  • Black Scabbard Fish Festival

    Black Scabbard Fish Festival

    The bay of Câmara de Lobos hosts the Black Scabbard Fish Festival, an event organised by the Parish Council of Câmara de Lobos, dedicated to one of the most typical gastronomic specialties of Madeira.

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  • Gastronomy of Caniço

    Gastronomy of Caniço

    The city of Caniço hosts an annual showcase of culinary flavours that have come to be established as the tourist attraction for this location.

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  • European Triathlon Cup and Parathriathlon World Cup

    European Triathlon Cup and Parathriathlon World Cup

    The Regional Triathlon Association of Madeira and the Triathlon Federation of Portugal are organising the European Triathlon Cup and the Parathriathlon World Cup.

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  • Nossa Senhora do Monte feastivity

    Nossa Senhora do Monte feastivity

    August, 14th and 15th
    This Festival is considered to be the main feast of popular devotion in the region, celebrated everywhere in the world where there are immigrants from Madeira, an occasion to be held between August 14th to 15th...
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  • Regata Transquadra

    Regata Transquadra

    22nd August

    The Marina of Funchal will host the first stage of the Regata Transquadra, a nautical competition that takes place in two stages, the first stage of which is scheduled for the following 22nd of August.

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  • Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana

    The municipality of Santana annually promotes the Gastronomy Exhibit, an initiative whose main objective is to contribute to the promotion and appreciation of local cuisine.

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  • Municipality Festivities - S. Vicente

    Municipality Festivities - S. Vicente

    The picturesque town of São Vicente, located on the North coast of Madeira, annually hosts, the festivities in tribute to the municipality with the same name.

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  • Madeira Wine Festival

    Madeira Wine Festival

    August, 25th to September, 11th
    The Madeira Wine Festival is one of the island´s main tourist attractions that pays tribute to this precious nectar and its undeniable socioeconomic significance, an event programmed from August, 25th to Septem...
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  • Funchal Summer Jazz

    Funchal Summer Jazz

    August,28th September, 10th,11th and 19th
    Organized by the Municipality of Funchal, Funchal Summer Jazz is an initiative that integrates a cycle of eight concerts scheduled for the 28th of August and also the 10th, 11th and 19th of September respective...
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  • Feast of Jesus and of the Holy Sacrament

    Feast of Jesus and of the Holy Sacrament

    September, 1st to 3rd
    The festivity of "Santissimo Sacramento", also known as the "arraial do Bom Jesus”, is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, in the parish of Ponta Delgada, São Vicente, event held on September, 1st to 3...
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  • Grape and Farmer Festival

    Grape and Farmer Festival

    September, 3rd and 4th

    This parish annualy hosts from September, 3rd to 4th, the Grape and Farmer Festival, an event which depicts the importance of this ancestral wine-making tradition.


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  • 22nd International Regatta Canary - Madeira

    22nd International Regatta Canary - Madeira

    Madeira hosts another edition of the international Regatta Canary-Madeira, a true cultural exchange that brings together hundreds of sailing enthusiasts.

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  • Madeira International Squash Open

    Madeira International Squash Open

    The Madeira International Squash Open tournament has been a feature of the Madeira Island´s sporting calendar for 15 years, a sports event integrated in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) world tour matc...
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  • Harvest Festival  | Porto Santo

    Harvest Festival | Porto Santo

    Porto Santo Island annually hosts in late August, this event thus promoting the various types of wine produced in this municipality.

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  • Wine Harvest Festivities - Quinta do Furão

    Wine Harvest Festivities - Quinta do Furão

    Every year, in September, the Quinta do Furão Hotel joins in with the countless cultural displays held  round the island, as part of the celebrations of the wine harvest.

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  • Wine Harvest - Blandy´s

    Wine Harvest - Blandy´s

    Every year, in late August or early September, integrated in the wine harvest festival celebrations held in Madeira Islands, the Blandy´s Lodges organises a varied recreational programme, offering tourists and ...
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  • Wine Harvest Festivities -  The Vine Hotel

    Wine Harvest Festivities - The Vine Hotel

    Integrated in the celebrations held around the island in tribute to locals ancient wine-making traditions activities, the Hotel The Vine annually promotes a wide range of cultural activities as part of the grap...
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  • Nossa Senhora da Piedade Festivity

    Nossa Senhora da Piedade Festivity

    September 16th and 18th

    The traditional "Nossa Senhora da Piedade" Festivity is celebrated every year in Caniçal parish.

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  • Madeira Classic Car Rally

    Madeira Classic Car Rally

    The Madeira Classic Car Club (Clube de Automóveis Clássicos da Madeira - CACM) annually promotes the Madeira Classic Car Rally.

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  • 37th Apple Festival

    37th Apple Festival

    September, 17th and 18th
    Taking place from September,17th to 18th this is a rural event that brings together many farmers from several neighbouring regions, which turn the production of the “pêro”, common name for apple, into a widely ...
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  • Columbus Festival

    Columbus Festival

    September, 22nd to 25th
    The Columbus Festival is based on a series of tourist entertainment initiatives that portray the time when this famous merchant resided on the island of Porto Santo, recalling his experiences in the Madeira Arc...
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  • 30th Cider Festival

    30th Cider Festival

    September, 24th and 25th
    With the aim of promoting the secular tradition that is behind the manufacture of cider, the village of Santo da Serra promotes a popular festivity as a tribute to the cider, a local popular beverage, in a fest...
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  • Regional Yoga Meeting

    Regional Yoga Meeting

    The municipality of Ribeira Brava shall be the stage of the 1st Regional Yoga Meeting, in an organization of the City Council of Ribeira Brava in collaboration with the Parish Council of this locality.
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  • Madeira Sup Challenge

    Madeira Sup Challenge

    The "Centro de Treino Mar" nautical club annually hosts the "Madeira Sup Challenge" a meeting for stand up paddleboard (SUP) athletes.

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  • World Tourism Day Commemorations

    World Tourism Day Commemorations


    Madeira, whilst tourist destination par excellence, could not miss out on celebrating the World Tourism Day, held on September,27th.

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  •  1st Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic Tournament,

    1st Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic Tournament,

    On the 1st and 2nd of October, Palheiro Golf will host the 1st Palheiro Gardens Golf Classic Tournament, a competition with a strong tourist component that combines three key points of Madeira, the famous garde...
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  • Ultra Madeira

    Ultra Madeira

    Organized by the Madeira Athletics Association (AARAM), Ultra Madeira is a race that seeks to be a more accessible alternative to Madeira Island Ultra Trail, in a competition that closes the Madeira Trail circu...
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  • Nature Festival

    Nature Festival

    October,4th to 9th
    The Madeira Nature Festival aims to promote nature tourism, encouraging the practice of activities that allow direct contact with the rich natural heritage of the archipelago of Madeira, an event to be held fro...
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    The Empress Sissy Cultural and Artistic Association (ACAIS) will present a concert within the "Flower Festival" festivities, to be held at the Funchal Heliport, at 9 pm on the 8th of October.
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  • Madeira Nature Film Festival

    Madeira Nature Film Festival

    The Madeira Nature Film Festival is an international independent film festival inspired by nature,that brings together various initiatives related to sustainability, art, education, ecotourism, recreation, a tr...
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  • "Senhor dos Milagres" Festivity

    October,8th and 9th

    Machico annually hosts one of of its most most important religious festivities, held in October, 8th and 9th.

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  • Sandokan Enduro

    Sandokan Enduro

    Madeira Island hosts in early november,the Sandokan - Enduro Madeira Island race, a MTB sport competition promoted by the company BIKULTURE, held in the municipality of Calheta.

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  • Porto Santo Half and Mini Marathon

    Porto Santo Half and Mini Marathon

    The Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira is once again hosting the Porto Santo Half and Mini Marathon.

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  • Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting

    Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting

    Madeira hosts another edition of the Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting, a mountain biking competition that will take place in Seixal, on the north coast of the Madeira Island.

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  • Funchal Eco Trail

    Funchal Eco Trail

    The city of Funchal is part of an international route of Eco Trail events, a kind of trail running that is unique for the fact that it includes an urban circuit.

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  • Madeira Fashion

    Madeira Fashion

    This is an initiative organized in partnership with the Madeira Young Entrepreneurs Association and aims to affirm the importance of Madeiran Embroidery as a differentiated product of excellence, with historica...
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  • Weddings Fair “Funchal Noivos & Festas”

    Weddings Fair “Funchal Noivos & Festas”

    October,28th and 30th
    The Funchal Trade and Industry Association – Madeira Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACIF-CCIM) promotes between the October,28th and 30th​,,another edition of the weddings fair “Funchal Noivos & Festas” , th...
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  • Chestnut Festival

    Chestnut Festival


    Organized by the Casa do Povo of Curral das Freiras with the purpose of promoting this important regional agricultural product.

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  • ADN RACE Ponta do Sol

    ADN RACE Ponta do Sol

    ADN RACE | Ponta do Sol is a Trail Running competition, held in November, which aims to encourage the practice of sport among the local population, and also contribute to the promotion of the countless tourist ...
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  • 25th International Madeira Bridge Open

    25th International Madeira Bridge Open

    The Madeira Bridge Association, promotes another edition of this international tournement to be held at the Vidamar Resorts Madeira Hotel, in Funchal.
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  • VIII Madeira Piano Fest

    VIII Madeira Piano Fest

    The Association of the Friends of the Madeira Conservatory of Music annually promotes a unique musical festival: Madeira Piano Fest.

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  • Saint Martin Festivities

    Saint Martin Festivities


    On the 11th of November, the Catholic Church celebrates the festivities in tribute to Saint Martin which depicts the faith and unique traditions of the people of Madeira.

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  •  Annual Tourism Conference

    Annual Tourism Conference

    The Annual Tourism Conference is anually organized by the Delegation of the Order of Economists of Madeira, a gathering whose central theme is adjusted to the trends of the tourist industry and to the needs of ...
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  • The Essence of Wine – Madeira

    The Essence of Wine – Madeira

    The Madeira Congress Centre hosts one of the main vinicultural events in the island- “Madeira Wine Essence”.
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  • 48th edition - Book Fair

    48th edition - Book Fair

    Avenida Arriaga is the centre stage of the annual Book Fair, a cultural which involves most of Madeira's bookshops and some Portuguese publishing houses.

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  • Maxi Race Madeira

    Maxi Race Madeira

    Clube Naval do Seixal, in partnership with the Municipality of Porto Moniz, organize the 4th edition of the Maxi Race Madeira, an adventure Trail Running event, integrated in the world circuit, in a competition...
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  • Madeira Dig Festival

    Madeira Dig Festival

    The Madeira Dig Festival is a noteworthy high quality cultural event that highlights Madeira as an attractive tourist destination for a young and active segment.

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    December, 18th and 30th
    Orfeão Madeirense, founded on the 1st of May 1919, is the oldest Choral Group in Madeira and one of the oldest in Portugal. This group has been organizing the Choir Festival, called Natal no Funchal – Christmas...
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    December, 29th
    Orfeão Madeirense, founded on the 1st of May 1919, is the oldest Choral Group in Madeira and one of the oldest in Portugal. This group has been organizing the Choir Festival, called Natal no Funchal – Christmas...
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  • Christmas and New Year´s Eve Festivities

    Christmas and New Year´s Eve Festivities

    December 1st 2022 to January 8th 2023

    The arrival of the decorative lights in the streets of the city centre of Funchal, during the month of December, sets the beginning of the Madeira Christmas and End of the Year Festivities programme.

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  • 16h 'ChristmasTraditional Delicacies' Exhibition

    16h 'ChristmasTraditional Delicacies' Exhibition

    December, 10th and 11th

    The Casa do Povo da Boaventura, located in the village of Fajã do Penedo, in the municipality of São Vicente, promotes from December,10th to 11th, the "ChristmasTraditional delicacies exhibition".

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  • Childbirth Masses

    Childbirth Masses

    December, 16th to 24th

    From 16th to 24th December, Madeira celebrates one of its main Christmas traditions: the Childbirth Masses.

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  • Market Night

    Market Night

    December, 23rd

    Shopping for the final Christmas gifts on the night of the 23rd of December is a tradition that leads thousands of Madeireans to the Market streets in Funchal.

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  • New Year's Eve Concert

    New Year's Eve Concert

    December 31st

    Praça do Povo will be center stage of two concerts: one held during  New Year's Eve and the second, shortly after the stroke of midnight.

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  • 63rd Tour of the city of Funchal – St. Sylvester’s Race

    63rd Tour of the city of Funchal – St. Sylvester’s Race


    The Tour of the City of Funchal is an event promoted by the Madeira Athletics Association and considered one of the oldest of its kind in Portugal and Europe.

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  • “Cantar os Reis

    “Cantar os Reis" – Twelfth Night Songs

    January, 5th
    This is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Madeira celebrated a little all over the island, a ritual that brings together families, friends and neighbours who come out to the streets to "sing the ...
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  • Madeira Plunge

    Madeira Plunge


    The event of the year will take place on the 1st of January at noon, at Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex, also known as “Poças do Governador”.

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  • Santo Amaro Feast

    Santo Amaro Feast

    January,14th and 15th

    On January 14th and 15th all parishes around Madeira celebrate this religious festivity in tribute to Santo Amaro.

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  • Funchal Marathon

    Funchal Marathon


    The Madeira Athletics Association (AARAM) promotes the 8th edition of this major international sporting event, to be held on January,23rd.

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